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Who is Misha on the board​

roles, etc.

My Priorities

Ensure Holistic Education 

Excellence in math and literacy are our the top priority, but students need educational opportunities that also develop critical thinking, creativity, and social/emotional health.  In our pursuit of excellence DPSCD must nurture the whole child.


Amplify Student Voice

Students deserve to have a voice in the policies and practices that they have to experience every day.  Positioning leadership opportunities that allow for them to do that ensures DPSCD will develop environments that reflect their needs and that students will grow in their leadership skills.

Facilitate Community Connections 

The people closest to our challenges, our own community, has answers, resources, and valuable ideas to develop solutions. It's critical that our broader community is connected to our district and present to support our children and families.

Continue to Positively Change Culture

DPSCD has seen a positive shift in culture so that staff, students, and families feel supported and welcomed as well as have opportunities to provide feedback. There's more work to do to ensure our organizational culture sets expectations for excellence in all areas with students as the number one priority.

I've been blessed to serve Detroit families 4 years and in 2020 I was re-elected.

In 2016, I was elected to bring integrity, creativity, and vibrancy to the Detroit Public Schools Community District.  Of 63 candidates, you chose me and I've made you proud.  

I've spent my time as an officer of the board and Chair of the policy committee.  I've connected with families and helped to make district leadership more accessible.  I've lead initiatives to amplify student voice. I've worked with the community to build a more equitable and student-centered culture.

Some of the initiatives I've lead and been most proud of include:

  • Developing and offering an "All A Board" training session for families to learn about board meetings and procedures

  • Establishing DPSCD as a sanctuary district, safe for immigrant students and families

  • Reforming the Student Code of Conduct to include restorative practice, reduce the rates of expulsions and suspensions, and disrupt the school to prison pipeline

  • Establishing a student leadership role on the board

  • Facilitating a review of safety and police in schools

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